Advice, stories, and round up from the world of freelance.

Why is Community Important for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs?

As entrepreneurs and freelancers, it can be incredibly easy to slip into isolation or feelings of disconnection. Community is the solution to this.

Field notes and Business Takeaways from CLUB - October 2021

Moving forward, each month, we'll have a recap of the main takeaways for freelancers and independent service entrepreneurs from the previous few weeks of Nomawo CLUB mastermind sessions.

Why You Need to Shift to Value-Based Pricing for Your Freelance Business

With value-based pricing, you can make the most money in a fair way without working any more hours.

Good Bookkeeping is a Must for All Creatives and Freelance Business Owners

For freelance consulting and creative business owners, following bookkeeping best practices ensures that you are more efficient, effective, and up-to-date on your financials and hence, your business operations and growth.

Be Your Own CEO and Other Advice from Freelance Business Expert - Katrina Cobb

The biggest piece of advice I have for somebody at earlier stages of their business, would be to act as if you know you can help the person on the other side of the screen or the other side of the phone.

Telling the Story of Your Consulting or Freelance Business

The human element of your business matters immensely. How do you humanize your freelance or consulting business? By paying attention to your founding story, purpose, mission, and voice.