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Confidence is King: A Scale Success Story with Chikodi Chima

Chikodi was a member of the first cohort of our SCALE program. He brought all that fire, all that enthusiasm and channeled it into his cohort...

Field notes and Business Takeaways from CLUB - February 2022

In February we reflected on our goals for 2022, dedicated some time to experimentation, and got into the details of project management. In the interest of sharing, here are some of our key takeaways from the month!

Freelance Business Lessons from 2021 and what they mean for 2022

As we reflected back on the many lessons learned and the awe and gratitude we have for our community, we figured what better way to share some of the biggest takeaways and lessons from 2021.

Why is Community Important for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs?

As entrepreneurs and freelancers, it can be incredibly easy to slip into isolation or feelings of disconnection. Community is the solution to this.

Field notes and Business Takeaways from CLUB - October 2021

Moving forward, each month, we'll have a recap of the main takeaways for freelancers and independent service entrepreneurs from the previous few weeks of Nomawo CLUB mastermind sessions.

Why You Need to Shift to Value-Based Pricing for Your Freelance Business

With value-based pricing, you can make the most money in a fair way without working any more hours.