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Freelance Business Lessons from 2021 and what they mean for 2022

We started CLUB and SCALE just over a year ago. In that time we’ve watched our community grow into themselves, both as people and as business owners.  As we reflected back on the many lessons learned and the awe and gratitude we have for our community, we figured what better way to share some of the biggest takeaways and lessons from 2021 than by asking our community members themselves.

Without further ado, we give you the greatest lessons and takeaways from the freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals of the NOMAWO community!

Ciatta Thompson

“The biggest lesson is that I can do this! I was very insecure when I began the cohort, but through all the lessons and seeing results with my clients, I know I can do this and make my business grow!”

We’ll begin with Ciatta. She is an online business manager based in the US and is also a member of our SCALE program. In the last few months with SCALE, she’s generated both tangible and abstract benefits including more clients, a pricing structure that supports the life she wants to live, and more confidence in herself as a business owner.

Check her out here: cmsvirtualservices.com

Rob Whelan

“Deciding on big changes (the standard ambitious new year’s resolution): we know it doesn’t really work. Big changes happen mostly through lots of little changes and habits/practices we grow and tune over time. BUT we can make big experiments, where we try a major change! It’s not a failure if we don’t stick with it, the goal is to learn about ourselves and we’ve won if we learn that nope, we absolutely don’t want that path, actually...and then we know so much more about what we might really want.”

Rob is a freelancer and consultant in the medical tech world. He’s a team player and a team leader and in his own attempt to experiment, he encourages other CLUB members to experiment as well. In his own endeavor to live with compassion for himself in others, he encourages our community to do the same with both pointed questions and helpful suggestions and directions.

Find him here: https://twitter.com/jtheory

Katrien Rennemeier

“I’d say feeling heard, seen, and understood by others who are on the same/similar and often lonely entrepreneurial journey. Finding a fan club for both our wins and fails and always learning something about ourselves and the perspective of others...”

Katrien is a freelance consultant specializing in corporate sustainability and responsibility. She is a delight to work with and has a quiet determination that pushes her through. In our CLUB sessions, she reminds us of the importance of gratitude practices and gives way for creative problem solving and general excitement to celebrate others’ wins.

Find Katrien here: https://be.linkedin.com/in/katrien-rennemeier

Emma Norton

“Celebrations! This mindset hack has enhanced my gratitude practice tenfold and helps me appreciate all my little wins. I love sharing this with my other circles too! Weekly themes and topics - both CLUB and SCALE have helped direct my growth, and again, I see the lessons from the themes in conversations with others until we reconvene the following week. This structure, both intended in SCALE and flexible in CLUB really helped me face things head-on and identify any blockages I had. To be able to flourish amidst the growing pains in a supportive community, with these practices above are certainly guiding me towards success built upon a solid foundation in 2022!”

Emma is our queen of celebrations and is the walking example of someone who knows how to celebrate others and their success. She also seems to find infinite little things worth celebrating and that optimism is truly contagious. Emma is a freelance writer with a whirlwind of creative and empathetic energy ready to share.

Check out Emma here: https://www.egoxless.com/

Renske Ensing

"My biggest lesson is: NETWORK, finding networks and surround yourself with people who lift you up."

Renske is a virtual assistant who brings her empathetic and personable nature and systematic mindset to every CLUB session. We think she’s good at networking because she really does care about everyone else, about what she can do for them, and how to make life a little bit easier in general.

Find Renske here: https://www.simple-va.com/

Quetta Haythorn

"I have the power to create a business that I love and that I can scale (without working all hours of the day!"

Quetta is the queen bee of helping small businesses transform the way they work. She’s putting her belief that you don’t need to work 24/7 and live the hustle culture into practice while still being successful. It is a delight to witness. As one of our most recent SCALE graduates, we know she’s the extra set of hands you need.

Check out Quetta here: https://www.hatchxyz.com/

What have your greatest lessons been in 2021 and what are you looking forward to in 2022? We hope we’re one of those things as there is always room for one more in the CLUB! Learn how NOMAWO can help support you here.