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Highlight of SCALE Cohort 2 Fellows: Top Freelancers to Watch for

When asked how they would describe themselves without talking about work, our second ever SCALE cohort used words like funny, empathetic, charismatic, idea-generating, connector, open, warm, traveller, great dancer, good cook, and artistic. Having had the privilege to spend the last few weeks with this cohort, we can definitely attest to the truth of this. Well, except great dancer and good cook, but we'd be willing to take bets on that.

As a collective, they make up a group of dedicated and inspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers who are striving to take their business to the next level. After meeting weekly for the last eight weeks, we're amazed by what they've already achieved and how much they have to contribute to their niches and fields.

Meet Emma, Ciatta, and Quetta!

Emma Norton

Emma is a copywriter who uses her capacity for empathy and ability to connect with others to make heavier content more digestible. She also dabbles in other media and draws on her long background as a Media Events Producer to support her clients and the work they do together. But life isn't all work and no play - a creative and athlete at heart, Emma spends her free time running and pursuing various arts.

Emma was one of our original CLUB members and came to SCALE seeking to gain more confidence in areas of the business she didn't have before. Since starting SCALE, Emma says she's grown in her self-worth especially in relation to cultivating better finances while still being herself and doing things that matter to her.

"Every week I have some sort of epiphany and going to time management as well and reframing my schedule. That's all coming into play now. It's the first experience of my life where I'm having direct correlations. Where it's like okay, I'm learning this and I'm implementing it this week ahead and it's going to have this ripple effect, so I'm noticing that."

What is the one project you've worked on or solution you've found for a client that you are most proud of and why?

Probably working with my client Jordan who is in Afghanistan because that was something that kind of unfolded on the fly where we had to just go into the trenches, for lack of a better term. And I had to pick that up really quick. In that week's period when things were really starting I had the recollection of my events history, the fact that I went to film school and was going to go into journalism. I had these memory recalls of things I was really passionate about when I was younger. It was a really hard thing to understand and go through with empathy but it was also the memory recall that helped me pivot and creates this whole new structure for my business that's still unfolding.

Website: https://www.egoxless.com/

Ciatta Thompson

Ciatta is an Online Business Manager aiming to help her clients find freedom in their lives. As their Online Business Manager, she goes above and beyond by guiding and supporting them through entire systems and processes. She particularly loves working with small business owners and artists and lights up when talking about acting as a sounding board for them, creating systems to support their growth, and making their business lives a little bit easier so they can focus on what they want to do. Currently based in Portland, Ciatta takes to the city as it seems perfectly built for someone with the love of cooking and dancing she has.

Ciatta joined SCALE with the goal of generating the same freedom for herself that she offers to her clients. Just since the beginning of SCALE, she's generated more sales calls, updated her website, and realized that her work life doesn't need to be hard. She can work the hours she wants, take vacations, and still remain financially stable.

"Just even opening my mind to being an OBM. it's like wow, okay, there's a word for it. I guess I never considered that there was a term for it but there is, and it makes sense and it feels good. I'm updating my website. Updated my prices. Definitely raised them...but realizing the goal is to do this and make this an opportunity to work with ten or less clients a month and having the freedom to take a vacation."

What is the one project you've worked on or solution you've found for a client that you are most proud of and why?

The biggest thing is helping a couple of clients find a bookkeeper. One of them...that just wasn't in her, you know she had no idea how to do Quickbooks, was scared of numbers, would take the money and do her bills. And we kind of needed someone who could tell us the numbers and do this stuff for her. I was able to find her an affordable bookkeeper. She gets re-educated on a regular basis doing their calls on how to best do her bookkeeping. She's helping her with her taxes. All these things were off her chest. It was a bunch of stress off her shoulders.

Website: https://www.cmsvirtualservices.com/

Quetta Haythorn

Quetta is a business consultant working with creatives. She assists them with their operations, project management, HR, and special projects to help them grow. It's clear she takes delight from seeing her clients grow in the direction they want to go as a direct result of the support she offers. Determined to live a "non-boring" life, Quetta lets the freedom of being a solopreneur take her all over the world including her current base in Mexico.

Since joining the SCALE cohort, she's developed confidence and peace in what she's doing. In reflecting on her goals of growing her business and getting certain aspects of it squared away, she said she's found clarity on how she packages and prices her services and her approach for the next stage of her business in that regard.

"The freelance life can be a little bit lonely. You're trying to do a lot of things on your own, guiding your own. Joining a cohort like SCALE has been nice to have a community to bounce ideas off of, hold each other accountable each week, and stepping outside your business and seeing how else you could do things...and having the professional help as well."

What is the one project you've worked on or solution you've found for a client that you are most proud of and why?

I worked with an architectural visualization company and they were very scattered. They were very much in the doing of their work and were having trouble finding new clients. So we went through one of my goal setting workshops and laid out a twelve-month plan of all the things they would need to do now, in the near future, in six months, and future goals. It was a really great process to go through with them and it was kind of the first time I'd actually gone through this workshop I'd created. And I think they definitely got more clarity on where they needed to go and then from there I worked with them on a lead generation campaign so they could get more business and that's starting to pay off now.

Website: https://www.hatchxyz.com/

They were pretty amazing when they joined SCALE and there's no limit to what they could achieve during the rest of the fellowship. SCALE really is a community and coaching program wrapped into one. Learn how SCALE can help you grow your business.