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Ready to Scale Your Freelance or Independent Consulting Business? Apply for Scale.

Freelancing can be a lonely life. Sure, you might have a partner, kids, and a wide circle of friends — outside of work. But when it comes to your bread and butter, you butter toast for one. That's the definition of freelancing: working for oneself. And in the COVID era, when we're globally remote in every sense, working solo can be lonelier than ever.


It doesn't have to be this way.

NOMAWO ("Nomad Workplace") provides a unique opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. This is a core tenet of franchising, and it applies in spades to independent consultants. In a time when even client meetings take place via videoconference rather than face to face, there's never been a greater need for camaraderie.


However, this isn't like meeting workout buddies at the gym, or going to dinner with friends. While we sorely miss such social engagements, in terms of business support, NOMAWO offers the ability to connect with vetted high achievers — like you — who want to help each other grow. Ready to take your brand to a higher level of recognition, build a team, double your revenue? You're in the perfect place.


Welcome to our premier initiative, NOMAWO Scale.

Scale Your Freelance Business to New Heights

Many independent consultants realize the value of having a coach, and have hired one to provide the leadership guidance that has enabled them to launch a successful venture.

But now you're an established brand, ready to scale in terms of branding, marketing, money management, team building, and, of course, closing more sales. That's why we created NOMAWO Scale.


This six-month program, a hybrid business mentorship and Mastermind format, is designed to help you discern, leverage, and streamline your business with the support of experts and like-minded peers who will help you strategize, set, and meet your goals for your freelance or independent consulting business.


Coaching You to A New Level of Success

Let's start with Scale's lead coach, Katrina Cobb. A digital nomad, polymath, business consultant and growth catalyst, Katrina understands what it takes to start and scale a freelance business from the inside out. This ambitious entrepreneur built and ran a multi-six-figure business, then sold everything she owned (via Facebook!) to live the laptop lifestyle in Latin America.


She helps independent consultants and freelancers scale by homing in on blind spots, then leveraging systems and support to help these business owners soar. She's ready to do the same for you.

In addition, our coaching team includes subject matter guest experts who will coach you in key aspects of scaling your business:

  • Nick Huggins, Fractional CFO and Strategy Consultant, has advised executives at Fortune 50 companies, startups, and at every stage in between. Helping brands improve their business models and increase revenues is in his blood.
  • Robin Cangie, Marketing Advisor, helped build a startup marketing team in the leadership development field before going solo to support independent consultants in marketing their business.
  • Aimee Brown, Time Strategist, helps freelancers build profitable, scalable businesses without burning out. Since finding enough time is the battle cry of the solopreneur, you'll appreciate Aimee's strategies, systems and structure that will help you work smarter.
  • Amanda Guerassio, Brand Design Expert, believes well thought out branding, visual and otherwise, can help launch your business well — and give it a welcome refresh.

Ready to Jump In?

At the launch of NOMAWO Scale you'll set specific goals, and throughout the program's six-month duration, we'll dive into various aspects of your business with expert guidance and peer support to ensure you achieve them.


The first three months will focus on business improvement, with one-hour weekly Zoom sessions led by Katrina and our experts. Topics include:


  • Goal setting, tracking, and accountability
  • Business model, pricing and capacity
  • Productivity and time management
  • Money management and finances
  • Marketing plan, sales improvement, and tracking
  • Client onboarding and experience management
  • Brand building, thought leadership, and PR.


The second three-month cycle will focus on peer mentorship, with 90-minute biweekly sessions in our virtual community focusing on topics such as what's working, what's not working, creating a success mindset, strategy pivots, etc.


Give yourself this business jumpstart as we enter 2021. Apply for our premier Scale cohort, and begin building the success — with a supportive community — that you've always sought. Scale starts January 5, 2021, so act now!