Advice, stories, and round up from the world of freelance.

Freelancing is a lot more than Being A Full-Time Employee: It is Being an Entrepreneur

As a freelancer, you’re in the driver’s seat. You have control over your work, workday, work-life balance and business.

Freelancing is being Self-Employed: Very Similar to Doing a Full-Time Job

In a lot of ways, you’re working full-time for yourself — without the things you disliked as a traditional employee.

Exceed to Succeed: How to Surpass Expectations in the Freelance Economy

No doubt you're familiar with the catchphrase, "under-promise and over-deliver." To succeed as an independent consultant or freelancer in today's remote economy, commit to meeting and exceeding client expectations, every time.

Ready to Scale Your Freelance or Independent Consulting Business? Apply for Scale.

Scaling your freelance or consulting business can be difficult and lonely. That's why we launched SCALE - a unique program that is designed to help you streamline and scale your business with support from experts and like-minded peers.

It's Your Business: Own It, and Market Relentlessly

If you neglect marketing during active periods, lean times are sure to follow. As a freelancer or independent consultant, you need to find the proper balance between marketing your services and serving your current clients.

To Succeed as A Freelancer or Consultant, Get A Coach

"Everyone needs a coach." That's what Bill Gates, one of the world's wealthiest people said. As a freelancer or independent consultant launching your own business, a coach can help accelerate your growth trajectory.