Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is NOMAWO about?

Q1: What is NOMAWO about?

Nomawo (Nomad Workplace) is a workplace + accelerator for top independent professionals. It is built over three foundational pillars of support for such individuals/businesses i.e., camaraderie, growth, and benefits - all things usually limited to employees with a traditional workplace.

Q2: What is NOMAWO Scale?

A unique program designed for full-time independent consultants and professionals who want to take their business to the next level whether that means to double the revenue in a year, scale operations, be more productive, or position themselves as a thought leader.

Q3: How will I benefit from the NOMAWO Scale program?

NOMAWO Scale is designed for top independent professionals who are at a tipping point and are looking to scale. During the duration of the program, you will identify levers you need to activate to make that happen, learn about proprietary and widely-accepted models to help you achieve your goals from our lead coach and expert guest coaches, and work with with a vetted cohort of like-minded professionals to collaboratively solve problems and support each other.

Q4: What all does the NOMAWO Scale program cover?

The Scale program runs in a hybrid program + mastermind format. With focus on topics including (and not limited to).

• Business model, pricing and capacity,
• Productivity and time management,
• Money management and finances,
• Marketing plan, sales improvement and tracking,
• Client onboarding and experience management,
• Brand building, thought leadership and PR.

Q5: How long is the NOMAWO Scale

The Core Scale program runs for a total duration of three (3) months.

The first three (3) months, the main focus is on business improvement led by the lead coach and expert guest coaches, and the group meets on Tuesdays at 1:00 PM PT every week for an hour.

Post the initial three-months of business improvement, the focus shifts to execution and accountability. The groups meets either once or twice a month for an additional nine (9) months rounding up a full-year of our support to help you take your business to the next level.

Q6: How much does the NOMAWO Scale program cost?

The program costs $119/month for twelve months or $1,299 paid once.

Q7: What all do I get if I join NOMAWO Scale?

In addition to exclusive access to the program, you’ll get access to networking opportunities with a highly vetted network of independent professionals, handpicked benefits & perks for the whole duration of the program.

Q8: What are the minimum requirements to apply for NOMAWO Scale?

The program is best fit for full-time independent professionals who want to make a change and take their businesses to the next level. You must commit the time to actively participate in the mastermind sessions and attend live, and also commit to spending time on your business as a whole. 

Q9: How is NOMAWO Scale different from any other business course or mastermind program?

NOMAWO Scale acknowledges that you are already busy and successful, and don’t just want to learn new things or get bogged down in education or DIY business programs you don’t have time for or that are too general. It is tailored to identify specific levers to scale and create the space to collaborate on your individual business in real-time in a supportive group of experts and peers.

Q10: What else does NOMAWO offer, other than the NOMAWO Scale program?

In addition to NOMAWO SCALE, we also have the NOMAWO CLUB membership - an exclusive network, mastermind, mentorship and benefits hub for independents. It is an affordable and low commitment way to get access to everything you need to run and grow your independent or freelance consulting business.