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Customized Plan for Success Based on your Goals
Peer Network with Monthly Masterminds
Exclusive Savings via our Benefits & Perks Platform
Priority Access to Expert Coaches and Mentors

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Network of Top Independents

Vetted network of top independent professionals, consultants, and solopreneurs only.


Accountability Triads and Masterminds

Get matched with two other independents based on experience, specialty areas, and stage. And monthly masterminds with bigger groups.


Exclusive Benefits & Perks

Exclusive perks (e.g., subsidized access to co-working spaces) and the best curation of benefits (e.g., Healthcare) to help you scale better.


Access to Mentors

AMAs and Office hours with coaches and experts. Expedited application review and 50% discount on SCALE - our flagship fellowship program.

A network, mastermind, mentorship and benefits hub for top freelance consultants and independent professionals only.


€33/month or $39/month after 6-weeks. Cancel anytime.


Next kick-off: March 10, 2021. Second Wednesday every month.


Six-weeks FREE. Apply Now to be considered!